Industrial Pipeline Pig Products

Hi-Plains Filtration provides a wide range of pipeline pigs available to meet any challenge. We provide pipeline pigs for the cleaning, gauging, batching, and sweeping of any wanted or unwanted liquids and solids out of a pipeline. Hi-Plains Filtration keeps a large inventory of stock pipeline pigs to meet the growing demands and challenges of pipeline pigging.

Steel Mandrel Pigs
Solid steel body pigs with polyurethane or rubber cups. Allow for the replacement and removal of cups, brushes, and discs. Cleaning pigs, batching pigs, brush pigs, and replacement components.
Polyurethane Pigs
Solid cast polyurethane pigs available in multiple duro-meters. Polyurethane pigs allow for flexibility for pipeline pigs. Available in multiple configurations such as cups, discs, and brushes. Sizes from 2” to 24”.
Foam Pigs
Foam pigs are excellent for cleaning, scraping, and drying pipelines. Available in light, medium, and heavy densities with sizes ranging from 2” to 60”. Foam pigs can be bare foam or poly coated foam.
Pig Valve Pigs
Designed for pipeline pigging use with pig valves. Pig valve pigs are available with cups and discs, polyurethane foam, solid polyurethane, steel body pigs.


Since 1989 Hi-Plains Filtration has been providing filtration products to the oil & gas industries. Over the past thirty years Hi-Plains Filtration has grown into a filtration leader in many different markets. We have the single focus of providing our customers with great products, great service, and great technical support.