High Efficiency Filtration Solutions

Hi-Plains Filtration is an industry leader in filtration products. We offer high efficiency filtration for every application requiring filtration. Hi-Plains Filtration has warehouses across multiple states to keep a large inventory of filtration. Our entire team is dedicated to offering technical expertise on filtration and reducing lead times.


Natural Gas Filters
A wide variety of natural gas filters designed to remove solids and liquids from a natural gas stream. Various grades of filter media and sizes to maximize removal of unwanted containments from natural gas applications.
Natural Gas Coalescers
A wide variety of natural gas coalescers designed to efficiently remove solids and liquid contaminants. Compressor Suction/Discharge. Meter Stations. Natural Gas Transmission. Glycol & Amine Contactor. Low NOx Burner Protection. Cryogenic Processing Plant.
Natural Gas Scrubbers
Filters designed for the removal of deformable & shear sensitive contaminants found in natural gas streams.
Mist Eliminators/Haypack
Designed for removal of heavy amounts of water and particulate from fuels. Variety of media to meet flow, contaminant and effluent requirements. Interchangeable with any housings.
Air Inlet Filtration
A large line of air intake filter cartridges for compressors, turbines, engines, and silencers. Pleated polyester, cellulose, and paper media’s. Pre-filter wraps.
Liquid Separation
Pleated and depth style liquid cartridge filters for refineries, natural gas plants, food & beverage, power generation, etc. Large variety of micron and filter media’s for a range of chemicals and liquids.
High Flow Filters
Large diameter liquid filter cartridges that remove solids and allow for high flow rates. Available in 20”, 40”, 60” and 80” lengths. Wide range of material options in both pleated and depth style configurations.
Liquid/Liquid Coalescers
Liquid filter cartridges designed to take a mixture of two liquids and remove unwanted liquid from the continuous fluid stream. Coalescer cartridges and Separator cartridges.
Lube Oil Filters
A wide range of lube oil filters that protect engines from wear particles and water that lead to premature engine failure. Spin-on elements. Sock filters. Canister Filters.
Bag Filters
Large selection of dust and liquid bag filters. Bag filters efficiently remove particulate contaminants from a liquid, air, or gas stream.
Gas Turbine Inlet
Gas turbine elements and pre-filters are available in all styles and sizes for both reverse-pulse (huff and puff) and barrier filtration systems. Designed for the removal of dust and particulate on air inlet turbine systems.
Cartridge Filtration
Cartridge filters are used in various different forms and are the most common type of filter element. Stanard sizes in 2 1/2” O/D and lengths in 10”, 20”, 30” , and 40” lengths.
Air/Oil Separation
Large range of air/oil separators designed for the removal of oil aerosols from the compressed air stream. Top hat filters. High pressure elements. Compressed air coalescers. Water separators. Desiccants.
Aviation Filtration
A wide range of commercial aviation filtration designed for removal of solids, separation of water from jet fuel, and removing of color and additives. Coalescers. Separators. Clay Elements.
Finished Fuels Filtration
Liquid filter cartridges designed to remove solids and coalesce water from finished fuels at bulk load-out rack and finished fuels terminals. High Flow filters.


Since 1989 Hi-Plains Filtration has been providing filtration products to the oil & gas industries. Over the past thirty years Hi-Plains Filtration has grown into a filtration leader in many different markets. We have the single focus of providing our customers with great products, great service, and great technical support.