Industrial Gasket Products

Hi-Plains Filtration provides a large array of o-rings and gaskets for filter vessel closures, pipeline pig closures, strainers, flanges, etc. We offer a wide variety of durometers and gasket materials to meet challenging chemical applications and a vast range of temperatures. Hi-Plains Filtration keeps a large inventory of o-rings to meet our customer’s needs.

Buna O-Rings
Buna gaskets often referred to as nitrile gaskets offer great sealing properties at a low cost per o-ring. Recommended for petroleum-based oils, glycol based fluids, natural gas, and water. Temperature rating for -40F to 250F.
Viton O-Rings
Viton gaskets are used in harsh environments where Buna gaskets will not perform. Viton is extremely durable making it a great choice for special applications. Recommended for oils, glycol based fluids, natural gas where hydrocarbons are present, and natural gas liquids. Temperature ratings from -70F to 410F.
EPDM O-Rings
EPDM is typically used in natural gas applications with amine present. EPDM is excellent in resistance to sunlight, steam, water, heat, and alkali. Temperature ratings from -60F to 300F
Teflon Encapsulated
Viton Gaskets
TEV encloses a seal of Teflon around a Viton gasket allowing for extreme protection where sealing is required. Offered in the harshest environments where Viton or EPDM alone will not perform in the applications. Temperature ratings -75F to 500F”


Since 1989 Hi-Plains Filtration has been providing filtration products to the oil & gas industries. Over the past thirty years Hi-Plains Filtration has grown into a filtration leader in many different markets. We have the single focus of providing our customers with great products, great service, and great technical support.