Industrial Absortant Products

Hi-Plains Filtration provides a vast array of absorbents, absorbent pads, and absorbent socks to many different industries. Hi-Plains Filtration keeps a large inventory of absorbent pads, socks, and granular absorbents to meet the expected or unexpected spillage of oil, water, and other hazardous materials.

Oil Only Pads
Absorbent pads that are extremely durable, hydrophobic, and hold 25 times their weight. White in color that helps stand out in dangerous spill areas.
Universal/Hazmat Pads
Ideal for extreme uses in chemical spills that will absorb all liquids from water based fluids and oils. Green in color that hold up to 25 times their weight in all liquids.
Granular Absorbents
Granular absorbents will soak up oils, chemicals, and dirty water. Cost effective and environmentally friendly for many different cleanup areas.
Spill kits are great for containment in high risk spill areas, and contain products for any time of spill. Spill kits can be assembled in a wide array of combinations to meet your high risk spill applications.


Since 1989 Hi-Plains Filtration has been providing filtration products to the oil & gas industries. Over the past thirty years Hi-Plains Filtration has grown into a filtration leader in many different markets. We have the single focus of providing our customers with great products, great service, and great technical support.