Industrial Pressure Vessel Products

Hi-Plains Filtration provides a large array of pressure vessels for virtually every application. Hi-Plains Filtration offers pressure vessels that meet the needs of a large range of applications, including oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical process, and finished fuels applications. From low pressure to high pressure from low flow to high flow vessels, Hi-Plains Filtration provides a vessel housing to meet your needs.

Bag Filter Vessels
ASME Code and Non-Code multi-bag filter housings designed standard to 150 PSIG. Used in a wide range of applications from water, chemical, water disposal, condensate, etc.
High Flow Vessels
Vertical and horizontal liquid filter vessels that provide high flow rates and high contaminants loading for liquid filter removal of solid contaminants.
High Pressure Vessels
Vertical and horizontal filtration vessels natural gas filter vessels to remove solids or coalesce liquids from a stream. A large range of ANSI classes and pressures up to 5000PSIG.
Gas Separators
Gas Scrubber filter vessels that remove contamination from dry gas including rust, dust, sand, iron sulfide, and scale.
Liquid Contaminant Vessels
Vertical and horizontal vessels used for the removal of solids contaminants out of a liquid stream.
Liquid/Liquid Coalescers
Vessels for coalescing and separating two immiscible liquids. Horizontal and vertical vessels.
Compressed Air and Gas Vessels
Vessels designed to filter contaminants such as rust and pipe scale, compressor lube oil, and water from compressed gases. Wide range of port connections available in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and plastic housings.
Pre R/O Vessels
Water vessels designed to remove contaminants such as sand, dirt, and particulate from a water stream to protect reverse osmosis membranes.
Rental Vessels
Hi-Plains Filtration provides a large range of pressure vessels available for rental.


Since 1989 Hi-Plains Filtration has been providing filtration products to the oil & gas industries. Over the past thirty years Hi-Plains Filtration has grown into a filtration leader in many different markets. We have the single focus of providing our customers with great products, great service, and great technical support.